Friday, August 7, 2015

Week one. August 2015


What's the big difference between the shade and the light?

Cicada Shade, 8" x 6", oil on panel, $150 framed, $125 unframed.

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It was a perfect day and I was in a perfect place. The weather was hot and bright but with unaccustomed low humidity. I was cool in the shade of a smoke tree that was busy with two hummingbirds. Cicadas buzzed. A small stream tinkled nearby. Then a very large, very clean, four-door, black pick-up with an equally huge ATV in the bed pulled up next to me. The tinted window eased down. I walked over to chat. The driver said "Ma'am, I ask you to cease and desist immediately." I looked in the cab. There were multiple weapons on the seat and floor. I left.