Thursday, June 25, 2015

Week four. June 2015.


Can I paint the wide variety and subtlety of greens without getting too fussy?

The Wheels Keep Rolling, 10" x 8", oil on gessoed paper, $100 unframed.

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Recently I've been thinking about the results of expectations. It seems to me that when I set a level of expectation and meet or exceed it then I'm happy. When I don't then I'm unhappy, even if the actual results are fabulous. Making this painting was a very sharp visceral experience of that idea. I scouted this beautiful painting spot then waited with mounting anticipation through several rainy days. Finally I could get there and paint. But it was hot and sweaty and bug-bit. The baler kept growing too big and the left-hand tractor kept shrinking. The shadows changed. I didn't bring enough water. Darn, that was supposed to be fun! So I ended disappointed and grumpy and tossed the painting aside in my studio. Later I saw it briefly, unattached to my expectations, and thought it was successful. Huh. Food for thought.