Friday, February 27, 2015

Week four. February 2015.


Can I capture the sweet stillness of this icy winter morning?

Harris Barn - winter morning, 18" x 24", oil on canvas, $650 framed, $600 unframed.
This painting is currently hanging in my show Barns and Carnivals: plein air paintings by Elizabeth Sauder at Art on the Trax in Crozet, Virginia. You can contact them HERE to purchase it. Please visit my website to see more of my artwork.


Look at winter
With winter eyes
As smoke curls from rooftops
To clear cobalt skies.

Breathe in winter
Past winter nose:
The sweet scent of black birch
Where velvet moss grows.

Walk through winter
With winter feet
On crackling ice
Or sloshy wet sleet.

Look at winter
With winter ears:
The rustling of oak leaves
As spring slowly nears.

               ~~Winter Eyes by Douglas Florian