Monday, July 20, 2015

Week four. July 2015.

Last week's monsoon kept me from painting outdoors, but it gave me the opportunity to work on an indoor project that I've been thinking about for a while - making a picture book for toddlers illustrated with my paintings. Here's the cover:

It was one of the most engrossing things I've done in a while. I brushed up on my layout and Photoshop skills and learned a bit about copyright law and ISBN numbers. I spent a luxurious afternoon at the library looking at beautifully-illustrated children's books. I created Bird Forest Press and designed it's logo. And best of all I got to daydream about my friends, the tractors, and what they like to do.

You can see the full preview of the book (all 15 pages of it!) and buy a copy for $18 plus shipping by clicking HERE. It'll take about 30 seconds to load up so please be patient.

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